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   Polen Mortgage and Realty, Co. handles the selling and leasing of all types of commercial real estate, including the sale of underdeveloped land. With this service, we will assist in establishing a Fair Market Value for a sale property by researching the asking prices of comparable properties. Once the Fair Market Value has been established, we will then list the sale property and market it to the general public.

   We also handle the leasing of all types of commercial properties -- from bowling alleys to marinas. As with sale properties, we first assist you by establishing a Fair Market Value for leasing by researching comparable properties and rates. Once established, we then list the property for lease, inclusive of marketing the property through a brochure, signs, newspaper and magazine advertising, etc. In addition, we handle all the paperwork involved with the lease.



   In the course of acquiring a commercial (or residential) property, it is sometimes advisable, or necessary (in many instances to hold down the price), to make the purchase anonymously through an astute, knowledgeable third party. Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co. offers this service to those buyers who do not wish to have their name disclosed as the purchaser until after the completion of the transaction.

   In an instance such as this, Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co. would accept and assignment on your behalf to purchase a designated property at a specified price. Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co. would then represent itself as the purchaser and sign the Purchase Agreement, thereby keeping your name from entering into the transaction until after it has been completed.



   Dealing with lending institutions, as well as investing in and owning income-producing properties in today's marketplace, requires a sophisticated knowledge of the complete mortgage and real estate industry. While you yourself have considerable knowledge and experience in your chosen field, you may wish to seek the services of commercial mortgage and real estate professionals. When that happens, you will need prompt, confidential mortgage consultation, which leads directly to the right money source.

   Loan Package Development & Placement is a service offered my Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co., which makes it easy for a lender to say, "yes" to your project. To get to that all-important "yes", we assemble a very thorough packet (or mini Business Plan) of information, which the lender will need to make a decision. This packet includes thorough information about the property, the owner and/or developer, relevant financial information on the owner, plus relevant photographs and/or videos. 

   And because lenders - just like other professionals - tend to specialize in certain business transactions (those with which they are familiar and comfortable), Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co. remains in constant contact with a variety of lenders throughout the United States. Our knowledge of "who does what", combined with our ability to fit each lenders needs, will give your loan package that "extra edge" it needs to compete for attention and success in the lending marketplace.



   When you look for a consultant, ideally you'd like a firm which has a good deal of experience in its field of expertise, has enjoyed a great deal of success in obtaining positive results for its clients, and also has something more: a background of experience from "both sides of the fence." Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co. has all these elements, which allows us to enjoy a complete understanding of your needs and requirements, and the corresponding ability to structure a deal so that it works!

   With over 25 years of experience in obtaining baseline financing, refinancing, construction loans, and permanent "take out" loans for various types of commercial entities, as well as experience both as corporate lenders and independent property and business developers, we are well-equipped to provide the most thorough and professional consulting and representation.

   Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co. has consulted clients in such areas as real estate, manufacturing, the food industry, etc., on such topics as preparing a budget, customer evaluations, budget and review, building and renovation, general repair, goals and objectives, and more. With our on-staff expertise in these and other areas, and our commitment to constantly gathering and integrating new and relevant data, you are assured of the most up-to-date consulting and buyer representation services available.

   One such representation service involves your real estate taxes. If a review of you real estate taxes determines they are too high, Polen Mortgage & Realty, Co. can also handle a real estate tax appeal. During the process, we do the legwork and get the facts and figures - based upon comparable competitor's appraisal values - needed to support and win your claim for a warranted assessment reduction.



   As the owner of a commercial property such as a retail space, office building, manufactured home community, apartment complex, or any other type of commercial property, the ideal situation would be to earn a profitable income, but at the same time avoid dealing directly with many of the problems often associated with such a venture.  Residential  properties being rented can, of course, present the owner with the same problems as a commercial property.

   With our Commercial and Residential Property Management services you now have the option of choosing how actively you want to be personally involved with the property and its tenants.

   With our service, you decide how involved you want us to be – from basic unannounced inspections, which include looking for potential liability problems and providing estimates for needed repairs, to the total day-to-day operation and appearance of your property.

   Quite often, the most difficult task facing a property owner is the collection of rent monies and the handling of delinquencies; but our service removes those burdens from your shoulders, as well as the burdens of repairs, construction planning, and arranging for construction. 

   In essence, we will directly deal with anything and everything that needs to be managed in such an operation, Polen Mortgage & Realty Co. will manage all of it or any part of it for you. We can even review your insurance costs and research competitive pricing  to see if a more economical policy can be found, as well as reviewing your real estate taxes.


- Industrial, Commercial, High Value Residential -

   March 15, 1994, Michigan voters approved Proposal A.  Prior to Proposal A property tax calculations were based on the State Equalized Value (SEV) of each property, but Proposal A established the new Taxable Value (TV) as the basis for the calculation of real estate property taxes.  Annual Taxable Value (TV) increases are limited to the change in the inflation figure or 5%, whichever is lower as long as there were no additions or losses to the property.

  Market sales for real properties are used by Michigan assessors to compare assessed values (AV) with the actual sale prices for those same type of properties. Market value can be defined as the most probable price, as of a specific date, where both the buyer and seller are knowledgeable and neither is under duress.

  Each year and prior to the March Board of Review meetings a Notice of Assessment should be sent to every property. The Notice of Assessment contains the Property Classification Assessed Value, Taxable Value (TV),  State Equalized Value (SEV), the percent of exemption as a principle residence, Michigan Business tax or Qualified Agricultural Property and if there was or was not a transfer of ownership of the property.

   All these things (Taxable Values, State Equalized Values, Market Sales, Assessed Values, Classifications, Michigan Business tax, ownership transfers, probable sale price, inflation rates … and MUCH more ) play into the  amount of taxes you are billed for – and owe - each and every year, year after year.

   To successfully appeal property taxes you must fully understand them, know exactly how they’re determined, and carefully follow the intricate process of convincing a local government bureaucrat , tax tribunal, or Appellate Judge to reduce them.  We do.  For more than 35 years we have been providing our real estate clients with property tax appeal services that have resulted in them saving many thousands of dollars - year after year.  

   You can use our expertise to reduce one of your largest property expenses, plus we offer a $75.00 per property Preliminary Analysis of your Notice of Assessment for qualified properties. 



Golf Course refund: $145,000 ~ Apartment Complex refund: $111,000
 Industrial Warehouse refund: $78,000 ~ Office Building refund: $53,500
Industrial refund: $33,400 ~ Fast Food Restaurant refund: $31,700
Shopping Center refund: $28,400 ~ Industrial refund: $28,200
Medical Office refund: $25,600 ~ Mini Storage refund: $24,700
Shopping Center refund: $22,600 ~ Golf Course refund: $21,300
 Fast Food Restaurant refund: $19,900 ~ Shopping Center refund: $17,500
Lumber Yard refund: $16,900 ~ Fast Food refund: $13,200
  Apartment Complex refund: $12,600 ~ Medical Office refund: $12,000
Wine Shoppe refund: $11,500 ~  8,400sf  House refund: $11,200
Office/ Warehouse refund: $11,100 ~  4,500sf House refund: $9,400
  Ice Cream Store refund: $9,200 ~ Vacant Retail/ Office Land refund: $7,600



   Before entering into a commercial venture - whether taking over an existing property, or building a new structure - it is often prudent to conduct thorough market research and analysis. With this expanding service offered by Polen Mortgage & Realty's subsidiary PMR Research, we research and analyze a given property, a given market, or a given geographic area for the purpose of providing you with recommendations on rental values, as well as the proper approach needed to recoup your investment within a given payback period.

   For example, when a developer came to us with a proposed new apartment-complex project, we conducted market research of the existing competition, population trends, and other factors, then advised the developer as to what to build, what to offer, and how much to charge per square foot so as to be competitive within the marketplace.

PMR Research, an affiliate company, provides market information on various types of commercial
and residential real estate anywhere within the United States. 

(Grand Blanc Township Office Buildings of 5,000sf or More)

We have completed surveys for:

Apartments in Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina and Michigan;
Condominiums located in Indiana and Michigan;
Hotels/Motels in Georgia, South Carolina and Michigan;
Industrial/Warehouses in North Carolina and Michigan;
Marina’s located in Maryland and Michigan;
Manufactured home communities in Colorado, Florida, Minnesota and Michigan;
Office buildings located in Colorado, Florida, Montana, New York, North Carolina and Michigan;
Rental halls in Michigan’
Residential development sites-single family subdivisions, condos and duplexes in Michigan;
Self-storage warehouses located in Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Michigan; and
Shopping Centers in Arizona, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and Michigan.



-Polen Mortgage & Realty Co. - Commercial Real Estate / Mortgage Services - PolenInfoOnline.com -Grand Blanc, MI

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